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Neighborhood Road Improvement Program 1/24/14
2013 Roadway Maintenance AreasProject Status - Update January 24, 2014
The 2014 Road Improvement Program is being engineered and plans prepared for bidding.  The Pavement Analysis Study is being utilized for the roadways that will be in this year's program.  Finalization of the plans is expected to occur during the next month.

The 2013 Road Improvement Program is not complete.  An added area to the program, Orland Golfview subdivision north of Wheeler Drive and west of 82nd Avenue was prepared during the fall and will be completed in the springtime.

The Orland Hills Gardens subdivision and the area of Old Orland near 144th Place and Ravinia have been completed with the exception of a few restoration items

143rd Street whitetopping just west of Harlem Avenue has been completed.

Project Description
A street maintenance program is approved annually by the mayor and Board of Trustees. Various village-owned and -accepted streets are scheduled for rehabilitation this year. The purpose of this program is to reconstruct streets which have deteriorated over and above normal maintenance.

Miscellaneous roadway patching will occur in areas throughout the village.

The program includes replacement of hazardous sidewalks, repair or replacement of non-functioning curbs and gutters, milling of the existing street, and new surface layer of asphalt. This program does not include:
  • Replacement of driveways
  • Replacement of driveway aprons
  • Entry walks
  • Functioning curb and gutter meeting engineering standards

Please note: The above items are the responsibility of the homeowner. You may wish to contact public works for the name of program contractor if you are considering having your driveway or apron replaced. Replacement cost is the responsibility of the homeowner. Remember that any driveway reconstruction / replacement requires a building permit.

Delays & Concerns
Street rehabilitation is unfortunately subject to weather conditions. Most materials and construction methods do not fair well in poor weather. Bad weather can therefore delay the project for a few days. We ask for your patience as we wait for better weather.

Most importantly, public safety is a primary concern for the village, contractor, and residents during the rehabilitation process. We ask that you please drive slowly and cautiously through the work areas. We realize that the project presents a significant inconvenience to many residents. Your patience during the construction process is greatly appreciated!

2013 Rehabilitation Areas
The 2013 Road Improvement Program areas include:
  • Orland Hills Gardens (151st Street and West Avenue)
  • Ravinia Lane
  • Ravinia Court
  • Jefferson Avenue (143rd Street to 145th Street)
  • 144th Place (Beacon Avenue to LaGrange Road
  • 143rd Street (from Harlem Avenue east about 600 feet)
  • Portion of Golfview Subdivision

Street Surfacing Map
The Street Surfacing Map indicates the approximate year that the street was surfaced (completed) or resurfaced through the village's Neighborhood Road Improvement Program.